Monday, January 30, 2012


Seldom seen but always a thrill is to have real living bats "hang" out in the bat cave. I found the first bat last year, but I was too primitive to get a picture. But this year, I may be able too.

Not only that, but,,, I have the actual Frankenstein Monster, dormant and secure underneath the other side of the castle. A very close associate of mine, back in the old country, helped me assemble the Monster and bring it to life, once! We gave it the freak-in juice. About 4000 watts of power was all that it needed to mow the lawn. Seen above, terrorizing the old countryside, it now rests in the dirt, well under all the floors of SkyCastle.

Here is half of the creature,,,
And here's The BRAIN!!  Almost Perfectly Preserved 

 I'll just wait. It's been 4years, but one day my associate and I may dig the monster out, wipe away the cobwebs and strap it down again. And hoist it all the way up to the tower where the Faraday cage wraps around, and we'll get some strong electrical storms building high in the mountain range and bust a move.
Then we'll see what everybody thinks of us!
It's how we roll.

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