Friday, April 26, 2013


I know 10 words in twenty languages! I have outdoor mountain experience and good social skills.


  1. Is this Delta Bob from former Capital Grille fame?

    1. This Is Primitive Bob, formerly known to my "friends" as DB. Aka., Delta Bob. I've been looking forwards to speaking with my friends whom I left behind on the old planet. Living in paradise, it is difficult to get excited about much,,, but I've been 'all a twitter' anticipating this communiqué! It's definitely a banner day for me,,, Mr. Kavin-aw,,,also known as,,, Mr. C.

      I hope you've been doing well. Jeff-ree tells me that my friend,,, Mr. Kav-in-aw,,, If there really is a Mr. Kav-in-aw,,, is looking forwards to living in a similar environment at 6000.Ft. I'd love to know more. Our house (that I built 2007-2013+)is at 5700 Ft.,,, But our back yard goes to 6200 Ft.
      The truth is that I am a dying breed. I don't even exist anymore! (except to my family and select friends and neighbors) Not for any reason other than my independent streak and fate. The Lord bless' me beyond my own comprehension. I don't even have a DL anymore! But I still drive around our neighborhood as it is all private property. I have more fun than all the people who ever won the lottery just by waking up. And I'm richer than Mr. Slim!
      If you really are my friend,,, Mr.C,,, and if I may so bold, as to refer to you as Mr. C,,, and you would like to trade secrets by way of internet,,, I would count it entirely as my,,, well, lets call it mo' blessing!
      So,,,, Top of the day to you and yours.

      Kor-jily, Primitive Bob