Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I been regressin' real well. I'm back to about 12 years old when mom would say, "Be home when the street lights come on. 'Sept,,, there aint no street lights here unless I make one and put it here. There aint even any streets--just dirt roads. So,,, how far back can I go... 10,000 years, maybe a trillion. I maybe able to go back so far I can't even talk. I know some would like that just fine. Poor Bob,,, part of the pry-mordial snot! Nope. Ain't goin that far back (that ain't where it goes back to anyway) Just goin' back a little more. That's it. Just a few mo steps. I'll just hang out in the stone age. And have a "yaba daba do time". And practice my mountain ebonics.
 The Mountain says, I'm doing very well!

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