Monday, November 23, 2015

Primitive Bob welcomes you to the SkyCastle Circus.

 Welcome friends and family. I will attempt, in the long winter ahead, to display portions of the 'Life of Bob' that maybe of interest. A 'restart' of my dormant blog after leaving fb, at least with my images. If I stay safe and healthy, this will be a lengthy show. If not, God bless us all!

I left FB and brought all my videos with me, in a preemptive attempt to keep from being locked out of and away from my own stuff. I've become severely spoiled to the gift of Freedom from a very early age and my stuff,,, is my stuff. That's the whole dang reason that there is a SkyCastle! To protect us and our stuff.

I will miss the back and forth, direct approach at fb. This will just be a photo/video album of our time at SkyCastle. And whatever I can think up to entertain myself and hopefully most of yall. I live in a large county that has one square mile for each human so it is nice to have yall on the internet.
Anyone is welcome to leave a comment and I'll do the best I can to figure out how to ride this pony. I plan to mention occasionally that, clicking on the pictures as needed and using the back button is the way to see detail. And when you've scrolled to the bottom of nearly any page, there is a 'Next Page' button. But I think they refer to it as 'older posts/ newer posts.

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