Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Baby Mountain Dog named ZOEY

Meet the "new boss" same as the "old boss".

                                          My new problem generator!!!
 I got her from my friend down the road. Best new thing we have. I can see her at night so I wont step on her little self. Unless we buy white carpet!
  Maybe we'll get a doorbell or something. She'd like a doorbell. Don't be fooled. She's fifteen pounds of pure ultra softness. With new teeth and claws. Our new security system. We've trimmed away that fur in her line of sight..
 Because of her permanent "black eye", when she sleeps it looks like one eye's opened. Plus,,, She can add!    --- All over.
She is part Terrier cotton ball and part snapping turtle. She's the  Bomb! She specializes in fingers and toes. And she's gettin' me trained.