Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


How many volts is that !!!

ON THE WAY HOME - from takin' this picture

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How To Open a Big Can

More quiet than a speeding grinder, safer than the safest torch. Here's a good way to open a big can in less than ten min. As the episode begins, you'll see the can is cut 1/3 to 1/2.
I suspect if you attempt cutting where no seam is present, dual angle iron would help to cut straighter. I'm using the top half for a compost rig. It has a new (two piece, seam centered) sheet metal bottom and will have a shaft going through the center with a hub on each side. Turned-- horizontally, it will rotate like a squirrel cage.
The bottom is in, inside wall coated with tar cement and a plastic stuck over the tar. Next I'll cement a large wooden hub to the flat bottom and a sheet metal hub (12 ga.) to the conical  top with a 1 inch galvanized pipe to work as a axle shaft. Turned horizontally and pushed up into a concrete carrier it will rotate and I'll fab up some paddles or blades to agitate the contents. (my, my, my. That didn't seem very primitive at all--- Y'all) I like to think, that I'm only brushing up against the iron age. At least I used old bolts with square heads and did the work barefooted. Wrong. I had my sandals on.


Thursday, July 18, 2013



Casper the mountain dog.
Sturdy animal. Like petting
a sack of cement..
Heavy like one too.

Giant swept eye lashes, (poor image).

Monday, July 15, 2013

This Week On Planet Bob...

Early AM. I stepped right in front of it bare footed,,, but I was warmer!

Primitive Bob in a Can!

I cut this can in half  (Quietly, in ten min.)

Expedient Can Opener 

Inside the short can

Casper -- Aka  Donald Suther Land. "WOOF WOOF"   ---Kelleez Heroes.  see ODDBALL THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO on Y. Tube. It's good for ya.

Zoe.  She likes the ROOF, ROOF.

 Eggs Benedict!
                                                                                       Aka Bobs Healthy Choices  

Primitive grandson.
                                                                                      Out with the old,,,
                                                                                   in with the new.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Many secrets cannot be divulged. Like how many watts our solar panels produce at night in a full moon. But we do have the Frankenstein monster sleeping under the house with many bats and lizards and mice and snakes and centipedes. We even had a big critter stash a jack rabbit under there once. It's head was crushed, I'm thinking Mr. Bob Cat.

.  Another secret is,,, I've started to mess with,,, the lightning. I have a metal panel that's been lightning struck. The pattern left is very cool. I'm going to put it up in the house as art and will post a picture,,, sometime this decade. I have what was a solid piece of 10 ga. steel fence wire that was lighting struck and it is now, very oddly frayed on one end as though it was stranded wire.  The metal roof, handrails and flag poles are all grounded twice with 10 ga. and larger pure copper wire and yours truly,,, dumps salt water at the base of the ground rods at the beginning of most storms! It's as though I live in a horror movie.

Another odd secret,,, My wood pile makes it's own noise,,, like crunching noise and produces about three cups of fresh saw dust every day!

Another secret is, that I,,, Primitive Bob, have  "air" in ten ammo cans that we brought up here from the city. City air in a can.

P.S. Another secret is,,, I don't know how to reply to my comments from my peeps on this blog. I'll have to get some help soon. From my,,, less primitive half!