Monday, January 30, 2012

DB salutes RL! And CG!

Let's go back. Way on back. Back in the land of my birth. Back before I was primitive, I was known as DB. And I became self employed. And for 21 years, I made my way back and forth, (because the land was flat) working for good company of many stores and many managers.  I say, we were a good match! And if any of my manager/friends read this, I would like to say thank you for our relationship. It was all the very best if you ask me! I miss all of you! And think of you often and wish each of you the best!     The End.

Now, that my peeps, was a VERY good story!

PS.  V.Z.- I did "pour my concrete foundation thick"! And I always think of that. Say hi to W.Z. for me. I miss y'all. PB.


Seldom seen but always a thrill is to have real living bats "hang" out in the bat cave. I found the first bat last year, but I was too primitive to get a picture. But this year, I may be able too.

Not only that, but,,, I have the actual Frankenstein Monster, dormant and secure underneath the other side of the castle. A very close associate of mine, back in the old country, helped me assemble the Monster and bring it to life, once! We gave it the freak-in juice. About 4000 watts of power was all that it needed to mow the lawn. Seen above, terrorizing the old countryside, it now rests in the dirt, well under all the floors of SkyCastle.

Here is half of the creature,,,
And here's The BRAIN!!  Almost Perfectly Preserved 

 I'll just wait. It's been 4years, but one day my associate and I may dig the monster out, wipe away the cobwebs and strap it down again. And hoist it all the way up to the tower where the Faraday cage wraps around, and we'll get some strong electrical storms building high in the mountain range and bust a move.
Then we'll see what everybody thinks of us!
It's how we roll.

Highrise Housing for the Upwardly Mobile

Apartment 1-A
Move on up. Secure locations available now! Don't miss this offer. Simple, but elegant. Strong and peaceful.
Apartment defense system

I'll Call Ya Right Back

Please press 1 (one) for the fallowing lecture in English.


Sunday, January 29, 2012

2007 was the year I saw my last traffic light!

But here I am, minding my own primitive bid-ness,commin' home from church an all, and I see this "on ramp" for I-35. Well let me tell y'all, it's a steep ramp to get on! And, half way up I spied some javalinas and pulled over, but they were to far in the brush to really see. Then at the end of the video I tried to swivel the bug around to get some real good views for ya,,, and it's funny to see me get stuck in the ditch. The bug just stops, and then you hear the wheel spin.( I was only stuck for a few min.) I  just lined up some rock under the rear tire (I have them strategically place around the mountain) and left. It's how we roll!


Mom, why do I look different?

Baby mountain bug with new shoes (radials off the mini van) and a fresh new blanket to keep her skin, uh, skin nice and      whatever...
May be someday I'll be like my big brother!

We'er goin' back! Way on back. Back to July. Boomp, boomp, bitty-boomp...

1700 pounds

pulling 4500 pounds, full throttle, with maximum slack, hittin' it harder and harder,over and over,,,

Till I got my good neighbor  out,,,

Buggin' Around