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1963    a very good year!
 Little primitive Bobby with my grandpa,,,
 doin' the right thing!

Learnin' to dress properly and do good! (Check my red shoes.) click on the pictures and make 'em bigger.

Just like I'm teachin' my grandson.  BATTA BING- BATTA BOOM.


 It is Halloween 2014 and a few moments a go I figured out the song that my grandfather used to sing and hum when we would visit and what a bonus memory it is! Very vivid recollection of this in my small memory bank.  The song,I stumbled acrross on youtube is,,, (drum roll please)
The Happy Wanderer! 

It's better than winning the lottery! I just got miles richer. 

Here is what I copied from wiki...

The Happy Wanderer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The original recording by the Obernkirchen Children's Choir

"The Happy Wanderer" ("Der fröhliche Wanderer" or "Mein Vater war ein Wandersmann") is a popular song. The original text was written by Florenz Friedrich Sigismund (1788-1857).[1][2] The present tune was composed by Friedrich-Wilhelm Möller shortly after World War II. It is often mistaken for a German folk song, but it is actually an original composition. His sister Edith Möller conducted a small amateur children's and youth choir in Schaumburg County, Northern Germany, internationally named Obernkirchen Children's Choir, in Germany named Schaumburger Märchensänger.[3] She adapted Sigismund's words for her choir.[1]

In 1953 a BBC radio broadcast of the choir's winning performance at the Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod turned the song into an instant hit. On January 22, 1954, the song entered the UK singles chart and stayed on the chart—only a Top 12 at the time—for 26 non-consecutive weeks. With the BBC's strong international influence "The Happy Wanderer" turned up everywhere, e.g., as the winning song of the 1955 calypso road-march season of the Trinidad Carnival. People protested after this event and complained that only calypsoes should be chosen over foreign music.

The amateur choir, many of whose original members were war orphans, turned into an unlikely international phenomenon in the following years. The group performed on many international tours under the name Obernkirchen Children's Choir and recorded several albums. They made two appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show (November 29, 1964, and December 11, 1966).

Die Isarspatzen, Herbert Beckh und das Tanzorkester des Bayerischer Rundfunks have also recorded a German version. That version was made in Munich on June 16, 1954. It was released by Electrola Records as catalog number EG 8073.

The song's German lyrics have been translated into several languages, and it has since become a choir classic. The first adaptation into another language was done by a Belgian woman, Andrée Mazy, who came up with versions in Dutch-Flemish and French.[4] Since in Dutch folk songs "valderi-valdera" (pronounced "falderi-faldera") is more common than the German "falleri-fallera", she used the Dutch model in both versions.

When Antonia Ridge was writing the English lyrics,[5] she became acquainted with the French version of the song, with "valderi-valdera", pronounced with a true soft /v/ instead of the voiceless /f/, and borrowed it over into the English version mainly for euphonic reasons (less military sounding).[6]

Milton DeLugg wrote a noted arrangement, and is sometimes incorrectly credited as the composer of the song.

A number of English-language sources credit Edith Möller and Florenz Siegesmund with writing the words, the implication being (apparently) that they were written at the same time as the tune. However, the German sources all credit the original words to either Friedrich Sigismund,[7][8] F. Sigismund,[9] or Florenz Friedrich Sigismund[2] and give the dates as either 1788-1857 or early 19th century.[10] All German sources agree that the words to the popular version were adapted by Edith Möller. 

I see that it is no. 4 on the 'Chart of All Time/1954!
And I always thought he was singing,,, 'Valery, Valerah'. Amazing how much I learn at my age!

When I was Man of the Wheel

Once upon a time,,,       

Ten years of fun on land,,,
  in the mid 80's-90's. In the Trinity River. With my bros.

In the water


 in the air

I kid you not! 
And I lived happily ever after. 

                               THE END


The other half of my crew

My BEST daughter, son in law and grandsons. I couldn't be mo proud!

And this my friends,,,

  is a most excellent story! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Saturday, February 15, 2014


SUMMER OF    1965

Little PrimitiveBobby with my dad learning how to be,,,   primitive! Luckiest boy in the world!

The 2 "Fire" spots are just odd wear patterns in the photo

 PrimitiveBob and his BEST son. "I could not be more proud."

My son at about 5 years old training!


2013     USMC., Tip of the Spear
God Speed my son.

Thursday, February 13, 2014


Queen of the Mountains in the East

Queen of the Mountains in the West



Like an old Ford truck, it comes in any flavor you like as long as it's -- REGULAR flavor. It's Neo-old school. Ready when you want it. Works at most altitudes. Stores for ever. It's pure American. Takes me back.

We gave away our mikerWave oven but that didn't slow us down any. So on cloudy, rainy days I get my JiffyPop off the stove and kick open the laptop and watch,,,

                           Castle of the
                            Living Dead