Monday, November 24, 2014


The Baron has been found guilty!

Of  Negligence in the Rodent Control Dept. 
I keep telling myself, 'ya just can't feed 'em and then expect them to leave???      Hello???'
So,,, I'm a guilty baron. I'll have a talk with myself. I'm out foxed by the squirrel and out squirreled by the fox. Ain't it the best? Wait till something big comes up to eat. We do have an Iron Gate Dept. 
But I'm the head of that department too.  I'll just sentence myself to some time locked in the TOWER! Bata-BING!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Coyotes Around The Fence

Coyotes kept outside the fence by Casper on a dark night. Video of the night is useless but beware that the audio doesn't give you bad dreams. The stitch you miss could be the one that gets ya. (speaking to myself)

Insect Control Dept.

At SkyCastle defense is top priority. Including insect control. This is a rare look at a Wren Team member, former an ordinary Canyon Wren, elevated to Castle Wren, roosting in the exact center of the lowest level. (It's dark at night where it is roosting and only lit for the picture.)
Castle Wren

Black plastic on center post keeps critters from climbing past.

Friday, November 21, 2014


Casper out early barkin' at the mountain.Seems my camera has as much trouble focusing early as I do. I'm in the flag tower and he's four floors below makin' sure the critters up and down the back yard know we are awake.

 And a little red Canyon Wren letting everyone know that it's time to start again. One wren has been roosting under the house for some weeks. I'll try gettin' a picture soon.
 This past summer a pair of wrens had four broods of babies under the tower (our future small insect control experts!). A brood is about the same as a batch in bird nomenclature as far as I know. But I'm retired!
The video turns out kinda useless but the wren is worth it's weight!

Here's a short early morning look at the east from the flag tower. You can see down onto the steel roof of the lower part of the house. Two sets of solar panels provide our power. No maintenance required and there is a half inch nylon rope below to rotate the assembly and fallow the sun. Also maintenance free.  

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Castle Life

 A family of tree lizards playin' in the afternoon sun, 'bout 3:00 pm

A pair got inside

They get around the edge of the windows around 4:00 pm. and stay there overnight. These three managed to get between the screen and window. I opened the pump house door at my neighbors the other day and six of them rained down on me. They were to cold to move much so I put em in a safe place.

Oh No!

11:30 AM.

We will try again this evening!

11 AM

The dogs sat patiently while I ate so I gave them half. It works well for us because I don't get so full that I go to sleep instead of working on my 1000 point health plan. And they guard and defend the property better. Now we'er gonna see if we can make this afternoon better than this morning.This morning may be a hard act to fallow.                                       

6 AM
In front looking towards the south east. click to enlarge

Monday, November 17, 2014

  Happy Thanksgiving 
Time to hunt down a turkey and set up the long table!