Monday, August 11, 2014


Super Moon
Super Rainbow
Super Bridge
Super Cheese Burgers

                         If ya listen close you can hear the rainbow breathing.Or maybe that's me after all the stairs.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Building tips.

Guarding The Entrance

Zoe And Casper

Who I Might Have Been

Or who I may yet turn into!  One of my all time favorite movies.

Come And See The Short Haired Troll That Lives Under The Bridge

Look out for the short haired troll. Sometimes you can see him under the bridge working in the dark shade and some times he's on top looking like he's thinking.

Bridge building music----The first video is normal,,, the next is sorta primitive.         Or if ya like it the way I do start this vid 3/4 the way through and if ya like it,,, play the whole thing. All the distortion any primitive man or woman could AXE for!

Monday, August 4, 2014

On Demand

We just figured out that we haven't replaced the AA batteries in our OD. water heaters since we got them in early 08. -------------- And we're still not gonna!
Over the kitchen sink 2014.8
Learning about the new water htrs. 2008
Shower- noteice we have short hoses for quick delivery. No waitin' around at SkyCastle

We Finally Did It!

We got down to 56 degrees on Aug4th. at SkyCastle. Prob-lee 5-6 degrees cooler down at the street. If it really is a street!

 In July we got down to 61 a few mornings but breakin' into the fifties, in August,,, in the Lone Star State?--------Priceless!

All I know is winter is commin' slow but sure. And I'm fittin' to get my exercise on. Or rip myself off by going into a coma and soakin' up the good weather. A constant battle.

Sunday, August 3, 2014


When I was seven my grandpa taught me the basics of carving with a pocket knife. I carved most of the name after he got me started and he carved the border. I accidentally folded the knife up on my middle finger and have a scar visible to this day and wouldn't trade it for all the tea in china! If there really is any tea in china.