Monday, January 30, 2012

DB salutes RL! And CG!

Let's go back. Way on back. Back in the land of my birth. Back before I was primitive, I was known as DB. And I became self employed. And for 21 years, I made my way back and forth, (because the land was flat) working for good company of many stores and many managers.  I say, we were a good match! And if any of my manager/friends read this, I would like to say thank you for our relationship. It was all the very best if you ask me! I miss all of you! And think of you often and wish each of you the best!     The End.

Now, that my peeps, was a VERY good story!

PS.  V.Z.- I did "pour my concrete foundation thick"! And I always think of that. Say hi to W.Z. for me. I miss y'all. PB.

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  1. HEY BOB
    JUST been lookin around man cool well SANDY is going to see a DR FRI. at last I sure hope he can help she can barley walk well hope ya get this r tyree down the road