Thursday, May 3, 2012


Don't chop them in half, or you'll have twice the problem
 Dealin' with the Critters
Third or fourth one I've caught, up on the house. Two years ago I caught one, I kid you not, inside the pillow case on my pillow (while my head was laying on it). Makes my skin crawl. At my neighbors house two years ago, I opened the front door, and one came off the threshold, and climbed over my naturally bare foot. Saw one three years back, just out side the house that was 10 inches long. This one is about half that. I've caught most of them by hearing them skitter before I see them. Last year "W" caught one about 7 inches long. Scorpions like the house too. We don't get them in the house unless we screw up and bring them in with some other object. Brought a roll of plastic sheeting in two years back, and pregnant mom with babies came crawlin' out latter that evening, all over the walls! "W" has a black light-flash light and she hunts them sometimes at night. They "Shine" green.

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