Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Another roll of the dice-SNAKE EYES

Well I was out early in my usual attire this morning,,,
shorts and T shirt. I thought I'd clean out the storage building and fix the sliding door. Y'all know I love sliding doors cause they simple and don't blow around in the wind. So anyway,,, I'm digging around the bottom of the door,,, couple big rocks I dug up,,, so I take the rock to a little pile of rock I have 5 feet away around my "library" can,,, where I keep all my books and old bid-ness documents from the days when I was "DeltaBob". Anyway,, I set this rock down --- when I see something move.  A 3 foot black tail rattlesnake.

 It rared back in a tight coil with it's mouth open to strike. Or at least ready to defend itself.

Well,,, now I'm feelin' bad,,, because with the dangerous types, ya pretty much have to kill em. (like the Night of the Living Dead,,, "shoot em in the head and throw em on the fire".) I always begin to feel like what's his name in Apok-o-lips Now, where he's goin' up to kill Captain Kurtz,,, and Kurtz knows he is commin' to do it. It makes poor PB feel real bad to 86 sush a cool creature. It sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So here I come, just like what's his name,,, with my stick,,, and in a moment I strike hard, pinning it's skull to the ground and using a shovel to,,, shall I say,,, reduce the hazard.

So,,, another one bites the dust,,, (come on,,, sing it with me y'all)
It wasn't a protected critter---I seen to that!  U-raa!



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