Friday, January 17, 2014

A Wheel of Fortune

Or,,, don't let the spinning compost can make you dizzy!

The upper half of a 1000 gal. tank that I cut in half last year ("How to Open a Big Can" July 2013 post) mounted with home made roller bearings on a two inch thick walled pipe. I installed a new bottom from similar gauge sheet metal, cut by hand, crimped and screwed in place. A 4 inch PVC pipe through the can holds the roller bearings, 14 pcs. of 1/2" galvanized conduit 3" long, fallowed by 3/16" stainless wire bent into a giant snap retainer ring. The PVC pipe is secured to the can with 12 gauge sheet metal ends (one cone shaped and one plate) screwed to the can and the pipe. The assembly is secured between 2 telephone poles, 4 feet in the ground. It is solid and does rotate very well.

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