Sunday, September 21, 2014

Magic Dirt

 We are fortunate to have a layer of magic rock dirt from the foot of the mountain to the creek (arroyo) about 4 feet deep. Made of disintegrated, decomposed rock and traces of other stuff. Clean and easy to dig and drill. Falls off your feet or footwear, sorta like beach sand. When dry its a little powdery. When dry and packed down it rings when lightly stomped on. It is kind of rose colored or...
 I'm thinking of doing an amalgamation of rammed earF walls with posts or columns of mortared rock. Just rearranging the dirt and rocks. And please,,, whatever you do, don't try this at home. And be carefull of looking it up on G. images or youtube. I just did and almost forgot to come back to finish this post. Ops I just did it again. 'rammed earth walls' on Gooogle images. They are the most beautiful walls I've ever seen. 

Now I know the future! And it's real primitive.  
 Here is a sample of what others have done.

Don't get me started!

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