Sunday, October 19, 2014

Dinner And My Newest Sandals

Tonight's fare is a homemade high altitude chicken and cheese Xtra thin crust pizza for two
Pizza Pizza 

New Post. I couldn't figure out how to put it where I wanted it, so I attached it to this 'dinner' post.

  My latest 'Ho Chi Minh'  style sandals.

         I have adapted! I maintain two types of footwear that I depend on.
Cold dry weather mukluks/wool socks for over night and cold weather and my heavy work sandals for everything else.
        I hate to give up on my last pair. They've 'helped' me build a substantial portion of our life here.
       I've repaired blow outs on them, lashed them back together on the fly. And though the leather insoles are worn as thin as tissue for the forth and final time and the soles are thin and the straps are poppin' from grit and motion wearing them through, they have been equal to my pairs of expensive mining boots I wore back in the,,, my old life. Yes Sir. They been wonderful for me. 

        The next pair are currently in working trials right now.
       I wish I would have photographed them before I got paint on them but the work must continue!

      I will attempt to improve the new pair but it is just not that simple. Ask any vehicle manufacturer. I've already recalled them once. They are assembled with shoe goo, a green boot lace and three nut/bolt sets right now, so 'things' can be changed as needed.
     Final assembly will be done with home made hobnails and heavy waxed nylon cord through punched holes. But they must remain easily repairable. Straps are dog collars ranging from extreme heavy pit bull,'top paw' to
lighter more comfortable red and purple  puppy collars given to me by my friends.

Before I got paint on them.

      As was the ATV nylon tire I use for tread soles. My sandals work like hell up and down the mountain as well as any combat boot but keep my feet dry and cool. A most important key in my life here. I have the best sandals and the best friends!

Thank you.THE END.


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