Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Defense At SkyCastle Update/Our Humble Huntress

Due to the fact that I like the critters,,, it became obvious that I was not the correct person to head up rodent control around here. So I fired myself from the rodent control dept. and installed Zoe instead. Well I have to report that Zoe has done an outstanding job.


"Here mama".
   Zoe killed her first squirrel. 1st kill was a small mouse which she walked around with only the tail sticking out of her mouth and finally swallowed it whole. This 2nd kill is her first squirrel and largest catch with hardly a mark on it and did so quickly and silently, and brought it up to Wretha. She is now celebrated and is the head of SkyCastle Rodent Control. Every Castle should have good working mountain dogs.      AttaGirl   Zoe!

"From hence forth, December Tenth At SkyCastle Shall Be Zoe Day and will be celebrated." 

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