Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Down With The Tank and Off With It's Head

Well, ya buy your ticket and ya take your ride!
So I decided today was the day to take our water tank down off the mountain and put it under the square tower. Like any proper mountain castle cistern. I won't whine about rolling it up there in the first place and setting it on a flat spot 8 ft. in diameter that I chiseled through solid rock to accommodate the tank, 1500 gal.- 6 ft. tall when setting up right and 8 feet wide (tall when on it's side for rolling).

Anyway I'm think as usual to myself, "watch for snakes and don't make a mistake in my footing... one misstep = total disaster or worse."

Below is the video of yours truly, moving the tank down to it's new place. I have concrete wire around it and it is a great way to move tanks. It's quick, put hundreds of handles all around the tank, provides some good rock protection and good traction. Also provides a place anywhere around the tank to prop a board up and hold the tank almost anywhere. Between the tank and the wire I had put thin white steel sheets to stop sun light damage. The water line is 100 ft. long from house to tank and it's about 40 feet higher in elevation. 30-40 degrees on a protractor.


The next vid is too long. I recommend the first few min. or skip through it. The last half of it is nothing.

The tank came down just fine. Wretha put her boots on and helped out mainly keeping my mountain "break" board close at hand. Not cool to get run over.

So I park the tank down by the house and go move 3-4 boards in my path next to the square tower. I picked the boards up and as I step away with them in hand, I see a two footer sneakin' away! BAM!
Could'a been the end of my day!

Could-a popped me good.

 Well,,, "Just stick em in the head and throw em on the fence!"

             ...another one bites the dust!
My stick is made with 3 inch long screws through a small piece of plywood attached to a good stick. The object is to be  100% successful the first time and not lose the snake. Once it's on the "barbs" of the stick,,, you're there. Cut the head off with a shovel and treat the head with extreme caution. It'd suck to get bit now! Venom is venom. Don't mess up. And live happily ever after.

                    Down with the tank and 
             Off with it's head !    TheEnd

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