Thursday, April 3, 2014

VALUE -- The Story of Bob's Grill

Once upon a time, ten years ago I had this stainless steel cover made for a good customer of mine in order to protect the booster heater in the kitchen of their restaurant. 4-5 years later they had me remove it permanently because they installed a different type of unit. So here it is, fashioned into a stainless steel grill. So far it's a well tested proto type. I'll refabricate it with a top and a few improvements. It runs on propane with the twist of a knob and a spark from a old lighter.

The moral of the story? Do well for your customers and they will do well for you! The End.

UPDATE:          I improved the grill after so many good meals and now it has 4 working burners. Means all yall can come up and eat with us.

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